• Please remove ALL eye makeup and false lashes, AND glue BEFORE your appointment.
  • It is recommended to shower the day before or day of the appointment. You will not be able to get your lashes wet for the first 12 hours of getting your lashes done.
  • No caffeine before your appointment.
  • If you are getting a new full set, make sure to get a removal 24 hours prior to your new lash appointment. Otherwise you will need to reschedule if it has not been 24 hours since the removal.
  • Make sure to silence your phones before your appointment.
  • Prepare to relax and take a lash nap! (Your service may take 1 – 3.5 hours).

Post Care:

  • Do not get your lashes wet for 12 hours.
  • Always cleanse your lashes with water and lash cleanser after going to the gym, applying eye drops or contact solution, and after tears.
  • Brush your lashes daily, especially after getting them wet,
  • Avoid oil and moisture around lashes.
  • Avoid touching/rubbing/picking/pulling lashes.
  • Avoid sleeping on lashes. Silk pillowcases are recommended.
  • Avoid extreme heat, (lighters, ovens, steam from cooking).
  • Do not wear mascara on your lash extensions.